Two Bedroom
11.4m X 6.0m Two Bedroom

11.4m X 5.0m Study

11.4m X 5.0m Two Bedroom

10.2m X 5.0m Two Bedroom

2 bedroom granny flat floor plans


Bringing together luxurious comfort, impeccable design, and superior construction the granny flats produced by Diverse Granny Flats deliver an unmatched level of quality to Australian homeowners. Our range of mobile and spacious two-bedroom granny flats are suited to be adapted and changed to meet the personal needs and requirements of the inhabitants.

Brisbane homeowners can rest easy knowing that our granny flats are specifically designed to weather extreme conditions Queensland-wide.

All of our granny flats come equipped with numerous standard features to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for those residing in them. Thanks to our commitment to enhancing your satisfaction our two-bedroom granny flat floor plans allow for a number of luxurious extras including sliding glass doors, ramps, and verandahs to make your flat feel more like a home.

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