New Relocatable Homes Brisbane

Experienced in delivering custom designed and luxurious granny flats to our Australian customers the team at Diverse Granny Flats also have a wide range of new relocatable homes perfect for Queensland residents and homeowners across the state. Constructed out of the most durable and high-quality materials available of the market Diverse Granny Flats is passionate about supplying high standards of comfort at affordable prices.

Relocatable Granny Flats for Sale Brisbane

Are you searching for a granny flat to add to your property that can easily be relocated with minimal effort? Thanks to our years of experience designing and manufacturing portable homes of varying sizes Diverse Granny Flats has a number of relocatable granny flats and buildings for sale our Brisbane customers are sure to love. If you need to move your granny flat to another location on your property our mobile granny flats make it an easier task.

Transportable & Portable Homes Queensland

Are you moving home but want to take your granny flat with you? Diverse Granny Flats has got you covered thanks to our fully transportable and portable granny flats and homes. Queensland residents from Brisbane to Bundaberg can make sure that their customised granny flat comes with them no matter where they move in Australia. Our portable granny flats are designed to be transported across long distances without suffering from any ill-effects of the journey. To learn more about the benefits of purchasing an affordable and portable home contact the team at Diverse Granny Flats today to discuss your personal home needs.