One Bedroom
9.0m X 5.0m One Bedroom

1 bedroom granny flat designs


Are you searching for sturdy, spacious, and easy-to-build accommodation options to add to your property? Thanks to our superior designs and builds Diverse Granny Flats excels at delivering high-quality one-bedroom granny flats. Our designs stand out thanks to our focus on affordability, durability and comfort.

All of our stylish and modern granny flats are designed with energy saving features in mind. Constructed from high quality materials our range of single bedroom granny flats are well-suited for the unique conditions Queensland is known for.

As a leading manufacturer of outstanding granny flats Diverse Granny Flats understands the needs of our Australian customers. All of our one-bedroom granny flats come with both standard and luxury fit outs to suit your personal taste. Easy to assemble, move, and maintain Diverse Granny Flats has a granny flat to meet your specific lodging needs and requirements. To learn more about our one-bedroom granny flat designs contact the team at Diverse Granny Flats today.

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